How DOT increased efficiency by 50%


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DOT worked with NZTE to automate some simple decisions while directing complex decisions to highly skilled staff. This meant clients received their funding faster, and NZTE staff workload reduced.

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NZTE supports exporters in order to grow a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy. Eligible exporters can claim funding to grow their business, tapping into new markets and expanding their reach. Previously, it took some time for businesses to be paid this funding, as NZTE staff would manually process each claim after it was lodged. Processing claims would tie up highly skilled staff, when they could have been doing more to help businesses grow their enterprise.

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DOT used AI to build a model that identifies straightforward claims. These claims could then be approved and paid out more quickly, and more claims processed. This model was powered by DOT’s Bizmomento product, pulling in additional business data to supplement NZTE’s historical claims data. Credit risk scorecard methodology was used, so the decision making process was auditable, consistent and transparent.

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With 50% lower workload, staff were able to process more applications to support more NZ businesses faster, with more consistency.