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We are an end-to-end consultancy which allows for flexibility and adaptability when solving business problems

DOT Consulting _ Data Strategy

Where to start

Our data strategy services provide a foundation for informed decision making. We help clients transform data into an operational and strategic asset that supports business goals and overcomes challenges. 

DOT Consulting _ Data Architecture

Foundations for your data

We design data systems and operational frameworks to collect, store, and process data. Utilising AI, ML and APIs we build smart and efficient data pipelines which can be integrated into your physical environment or cloud based solutions.

DOT Consulting _ Data Analytics

Get value from the data

Our team are data storytellers. We look behind the what to the why to understand what is driving trends and behaviours. We surface information that is important and actionable to our clients so they can make positive change for their business.

DOT Consulting _ Dashboarding

Interactive data tools

We build customised, dynamic data tools which help your business access key information. DOT’s approach combines best practice UX and design principles with leading data science. Our team delivers high value insights that are easy to digest and intuitive to use.

DOT Consulting _ Benchmarking

Determining success

DOT have developed sophisticated benchmarking and evaluation tools to measure the performance of your business, programme initiative and success of your campaign.

DOT Consulting _ Data visualisation

Bringing data to life

DOT has a dedicated in-house design team who excel in telling data stories through graphic means. We develop tangible data assets for our clients to help engage a broader audience through a SIMPLE. SMART. BEAUTIFUL approach.

DOT Consulting _ Customer Segmentation

Growing your business

Our data rich insights will help you develop strategies to target your most profitable customers, serve existing customers better through more tailored experience, and win new ones through identified market and marketing opportunities.

DOT Consulting _ Predictive analytics

Future proofing business decisions

DOT’s predictive modelling allows businesses to make confident decisions for the future which are powered by trained AI and ML algorithms. This forecasted view can be tuned to identify business risk, predict demand and supply as well as performance indicators.

DOT Consulting _ Data Automation

Improve efficiency

Reduce manual data processing and manual interventions to drive efficiencies for your business. Through AI and ML programming, we can automate the decision making process.

DOT Consulting _ Virtual data scientist

Increase team capabilities

Extend your team’s capabilities by plugging in one of DOT’s Data Science consultants. We can work with you to determine the problem to solve, gather momentum on project initiatives,  manage complex modelling and conduct in depth data analysis.

Problems we've solved

Here are just some of the ways we’ve created value for our clients.

Ministry of Education

How DOT assisted the Ministry of Education to improve its reporting process

This case study highlights how DOT assisted the Ministry of Education to improve its reporting process by creating a simple and effective template for its quarterly reports.

Nelson & Tasman Councils

How DOT projected community populations into the future

DOT helped the Nelson and Tasman councils in New Zealand develop customised population projections to understand how the population of the area would change over the next 40 years.

Maritime NZ

How DOT identified potential Maritime incidents before they happened

DOT ran AI across past Maritime incidents to understand what contributes to incidents, and to predict where they may occur in the future.


How DOT increased efficiency by 50%

DOT worked with NZTE to automate some simple decisions. This meant clients received their funding faster, and NZTE staff workload reduced.


How DOT helped Sky double their share price

DOT has worked with Sky TV since 2019 to help realise their vision of becoming a truly customer and data-led business. This has helped Sky to provide the best service to their customers.

Ministry for the Environment

How DOT helped MfE achieve real-time carbon emissions reporting

DOT was commissioned by MfE to create an internal carbon emissions dashboard. The goal was to improve workload efficiency, scale emissions reporting and provide transparency across the organisation.

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