Leaky Bucket identifies which of your customers are most likely to leave, and why they might be on-the-fence.

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  • Get invaluable insights into your customer’s loyalty behaviour
  • Use data to inform customer care and service strategy
  • Target new customers who are more likely to stick around

How it can help

Leaky Bucket allows insights into the future so you can answer questions like:

Which customers are likely to switch and what can I do to stop them?

Why are customers not returning to my business?

What’s keeping my customers loyal?

How it works

Leaky Bucket is powered by data which DOT deem to be drivers of a company’s customer churn. This is achieved by a combination of DOT data sets, such as:

Leaky Bucket is designed to be bespoke to your organisation and exhibited customer behaviours.

Leaky Bucket and the underlying data behind DOT’s other products can also be used to enrich an existing in-house churn model.

Integrate in your own environment

These insights can be operationalised into your environment, so you are always up-to-date with the ability to measure the performance of tactical initiatives to reduce customer churn.

Is your bucket leaking?

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