Moodalizer analyses text-based data across mainstream media, or client data, to produce daily insights on how New Zealanders are feeling. Keep your finger on the pulse by identifying the general mood across a topic, brand, or region.

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  • Measure the nation’s emotions and sentiment on a topic over time
  • Back-up business decisions with daily mood insights
  • Deepen insights by analysing data across customer channels

How it can help

Moodalizer has been used to answer questions like:

Are we more trusted than our competitors?

How do our clients feel about the service they’ve received?

Have attitudes towards being a New Zealander changed in the last year?

How it works

Moodalizer scans text-based data and summarises results using 8 key emotions: trust, joy, anticipation, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. The intensity of each emotive reading is also measured so you can understand how strongly people feel and what actions to take.

Results can be provided as a one-off report, or a recurring data feed which can be operationalised into your own environment.

Make use of your own data

Moodalizer can be run over client-owned data to enable a deeper look into the emotions around a business. Our clients have used Moodalizer on call centre transcripts and customer emails to track how clients have felt about the service or support they’ve received.

Daily updates

Moodalizer analyses the sentiment and emotion across New Zealand’s mainstream media content every day – so you’ll always have your finger on the pulse. To date, Moodalizer has processed over 1 million online articles since 2018.

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