Understand how many people will turn up to your attraction, event, restaurant, or store. By day, season, month, or year. Make decisions based on the future, not the past.

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  • Predict future sales activity by day and by the hour
  • Analyse the loyalty patterns of your customer base
  • Benchmark your sales against yourself, your region and your sector

How it can help

Turn Up has been used by our clients to answer questions like:

How many staff do I need rostered on Fridays?

Are all businesses in my suburb busy or just mine?

Is my customer loyalty growing?

How it works

DOT Loves Data have partnered with Verifone/Eftpos NZ to provide customers with an intelligent app that can be rolled out on any business using a Verifone/Eftpos NZ terminal.

A crystal ball

We use historical transactional data, overlaid with daily and seasonal variables such as days and times of the week, significant holidays and events, as well as weather conditions to create a crystal ball view of the week ahead.

Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast your own sales data against the same time last week, month, or year. See how businesses in your area and industry are performing in relation to you and whether you are trending with the general ebbs and flows.

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