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DOT has worked closely with Sky TV since the end of 2019 to help realise their vision of becoming a truly customer and data-led business. This has helped Sky to optimise the content they offer to provide the best service to their customers.

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Sky’s aim is to harness data to provide a real-time understanding of their customers to shape business decisions, delight their customers and create life-long fans. When DOT first started working with Sky they had multiple data puddles. This made it difficult to make content partnership decisions, and to truly understand the impact of changes to their business. DOT helped bring these puddles together to create the ultimate single view of every one of their customers.

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DOT has guided Sky on this journey by building a dynamic centralised database where they can access all data on every one of their customers (past and present), and a series of customer centric dashboards on Broadband, Sports and Entertainment Viewership. DOT integrated the Us and DDI products into their database and dashboards to provide additional insight into who their customers are. This has allowed Sky to better understand their base so that they can provide the best service and offers.

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DOT has been able to combine Sky viewing data with DOT data to provide deeper insights, as well as helping Sky understand what their customers are watching and how they are watching. Sky have now become more proactive with improving customer satisfaction, knowing when and who to contact to reduce churn. Since DOT began working with Sky, the share price has doubled.

Sky's success in becoming a data led organisation has meant a successful three year transformation of their business. Whereas commentators had been predicting the end of Sky's business model, revenue is now growing strongly, programming costs have been reduced and customer insights are at the core of everything they do.

We're proud to have helped Sky get back on their feet and build momentum for future growth.

2022 Sky Annual Report